Release Date: 22 September 2022 One thing missing beyond the public cloud is the self-service VPC Networking of the public cloud. Your Elastic load balancers, self-service network firewall, self-service NAT and DHCP, and self-service site-to-site VPN.  With Netris 3.2.0, we bring the

Release Date: 6 October 2021 What's new in this Netris Release? We are thrilled to announce the 3.0 version of Netris, the Automatic NetOps. Netris automatically generates assured configurations for open-networking switches running Linux and FRR, as well as leverages the power

Release Date: 5 March 2021 What's new in this Netris Release? Native Kubernetes Networking and Load-Balancing 100Gbps performance upgrade for SoftGate Linux border router Automatic on-demand L4 Load-Balancer Automatic site-to-site interconnect through SiteMesh Read the release notes below, or check out our documentation for detailed info. Kubenet

Release Date: 13 May 2020What's new in this Netris Release? Updated GRPC based agent/controller API with encrypted data exchange. We have rebuilt ground up our configuration parser library.Cumulus, SwitchDev, SW-router agents refactored from scratch using GoLang, new GRPC API, and new parser