2. Integration with Kubernetes API

Netris controller extends CNI, networking policies, load-balancers, ingress controllers functionality into the physical network – based on metadata found in Kubernetes API. 

   Assuming the Netris controller and Kubernetes cluster are already installed, the next step is to provide the Netris controller with credentials for accessing the Kubernetes cluster. The simplest way is to copy/paste the output of the kubectl config view or cat ~/.kube/config. (Check the official Kubernetes documentation page if you want to create more restricted credentials.)

   Edit your virtual network service in Netris GUI then paste into a text area called Kubeconfig. (For an API call check built-in Swagger docs “/api/docs/”)

After you submit credentials, “Missing Kubeconfig” will disappear in the GUI. Netris will attempt to access Kubernetes API and will update the “Active Master” status. Further, we describe how Netris extends policies, ingress, load-balancers, CNIs into physical networks – based on metadata found in Kubernetes API.