2. Netris controller

Netris controller is the main operations control center for engineers using GUI/RestAPI/Terraform, systems, and network devices. Netris controller stores the data representing the user-defined network services and policies, health/statistics/analytics received from the network devices, and info from integration modules with external systems (Kubernetes).  Netris controller can run as a VM or container, on/off-prem, or in Netris cloud. 

  • Controller backup. It is highly recommended to run more than one copy of the controller for data replication. 
  • Multiple sites. No need for separate controllers for each site, on the contrary Netris is designed to operate all sites using one controller (with redundancy)
  • Controller unreachable/maintenance. Network switches/routers can tolerate if the controller becomes unreachable for whatever reason. Changes and stats collection will be unavailable during the controller unavailability window; however, the core operation of switches/routers will not be affected.