We saw the Cloud, and it is amazing.

Your network deserves better UX.
Just like in the cloud.

Your physical...


Internal & external routing. HW and DPDK-based software router. NAT.


Fault-tolerant, modern switching, compatible with open-networking hardware.

Load Balancing

L4 load balancer for Kubernetes cluster, and any other tcp/udp service.


Network segmentation, traffic policy controls, role-based access controls, resource delegation.

Is now managed like a service, like a cloud

Your network. Cloud UX.


With Netris, you get the same intuitive way of managing your networks to satisfy the needs of your applications as you’re used to in the cloud. You should only worry about how your application services are interconnected. Worrying about the implementation detail is Netris’s responsibility.
Netris is the new automatic netops platform that turns your physical network into service. It uses application service metadata, simple rules, and an understanding of the organizational structure to satisfy your application’s connectivity needs. Netris ensures that your application can communicate by continuous monitoring and analysis, and remediating any of the anomalies that might arise, resulting in up to 90% reduction in ops time, and reducing ops costs by up to 80%.
Netris your network today and gain a competitive advantage for tomorrow.

Clear separation of concerns


Define global routing and switching policies.


Define global security policies, analyze audit logs.


Define services to be consumed by application deployments.


Define services for compute and storage interconnect.

Simple GUI and API

Netris is an automatic network operations platform that makes it possible to operate physical networks like it is a service. Netris exposes simple, Intuitive cloud-like interfaces (GUI, API) optimized to be used by networking and non-networking people alike.

Network deserves being smart, like the cloud is.


Human error eliminated

Netris generates a safe and validated configuration based on human-defined policies. Through sanity checks warns users if they are about to submit conflicting or potentially destructive service policy.


Proper monitoring is critical for stable operation of the network. Netris monitors the system automatically based on user-defined policies. This way, there's no room to miss a parameter when it is in a critical state.

Kubernetes Cluster

Netris controller follows Kubernetes cluster's events by reading Kube API and automatically applies changes on the network. Your type: load-balancer or external policies now work automatically. Just like in a cloud.
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