Automatic NetOps Software for Your Private Cloud

Status quo

When running applications in the public cloud, you focus on your application and business. You don’t need to worry about underlying infrastructure implementation details. The cloud VPC software automatically configures infrastructure components behind the scenes, integrating infrastructure pieces without wasting your time and without risks for human error.

The public cloud is not one size fits all solution

High costs, compliance issues, latency requirements, and business policy reasons drive the need for a hybrid, private, or edge solutions.

The problem with traditional networking

The problem is that legacy network technologies are overcomplicated, fundamentally lack the cloud-native approach, they require significant tedious manual operations, leading to constant waste of time and human error. Legacy sucks, ugh.

Netris to the rescue

The Netris software is purpose-built by long-time infrastructure practitioners specifically to address this problem. Netris software automatically operates your physical network, providing you with a cloud-like user experience. Just like a VPC for your private cloud.

What does Netris software do for you?



Simplifies design, rollout, and implementation of the physical network.


Automatically configures, monitors, and operates your physical network infrastructure.


Integrates with Kubernetes, Terraform, DevOps tool, and more.

How does Netris do this magic?

Netris Controller

The Netris controller is software that you install on any Linux host or Kubernetes cluster using a single command. Users describe infrastructure service requirements through.

  • Intuitive GUI
  • RestAPI
  • Terraform provider
  • Kubernetes CRDs

Netris Agent

Each managed network device runs a Netris Agent. The agent communicates with the controller using a secured gRPC connection. 

The agent takes high level service requirements and automatically generates a fail-safe network configuration. In addition, the agent automatically collects telemetry data from switches and gateways for health monitoring and failure prevention.

Your network is now managed like a service, just like a cloud

L2 Switching

VLAN, VXLAN, IP Subnet Provisioning

Icons White No Red 2_Router
L3 Routing

BGP with full Internet routing table (FRR / DPDK)

Icons White No Red 2_Load Balancer
L4 Load Balancing

Server Load Balancing with health checks

Icons White No Red 2_Firewall
Stateless Firewall

Packet filtering with Access Control Lists (ACLs), NAT, VPN

Clear separation of concerns


Redundancy, reliability, automation


Segmentation, reporting, compliance


CI/CD methodology, portability

Traditional Ops

Service definition, lifecycle management, monitoring

Simple Cloud-Like Management


Layer-2 and Layer-3 Topology Designer
Network Services Dashboard
Traffic monitoring, status, and event views

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Download The Data Sheet to Learn More

Understand Netris system requirements with this simple data sheet.