Get Started with Netris

Install Netris Free Version

Netris software is free to use in your environment.  You can get up an running quickly with a few easy steps.

Installing Netris is a three step process:

  1. Install Netris Controller
  2. Configure IP Management Subnets
  3. Install SoftGates

Step 1 - Install Netris Controller

Netris Controller can be installed through one of three different methods.  The recommended method for quick evaluation is to run the following command on your Ubuntu machine.  This script will automatically install k3s and the Netris Controller application manifest.


curl -sfL | sh -

The Netris Controller can also be installed as a standalone Virtual Machine, or on an existing Kubernetes cluster via a Helm Chart.  You should select one of these options if you do not wish to use the full installation with k3s described above.

  • Controller Installation (VM): LINK
  • Controller Installation (Helm Chart): LINK

Step 2 - Configure IP Management Subnets

After your Controller is installed, navigate to the web UI section Net→IPAM and add a new subnet that contains the desired IP addresses you wish to use for your SoftGates.

For example, if you are planning on using as the IP address of your Ubuntu server, then create a subnet in Netris UI for

Detailed configuration documentation is available here: Netris IPAM

Step 3 - Install SoftGates

After you have configured the necessary IP Subnets in the UI,

  1. Navigate to Topology
  2. Click the Add button in the upper right
  3. Fill out the fields for the SoftGate you wish to add – Documentation
  4. Select the proper Management IP address from the subnet selector
  5. Once the SoftGate is created in the Topology, right-click on the SoftGate and select the Install Agent option
  6. Copy the agent install command to your clipboard and run the command on the Ubuntu server you are using as your SoftGate
  7. Congratulations.  The SoftGate should now be connected to your controller

Configuring Netris

Netris provides a full set of documentation for customer use:

Netris Documentation

You can also feel free to reach out for assistance via our Slack Channel:

Netris Slack Channel

SoftGate Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Intel CPU – 4x vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 100G DISK
  • 2 Ethernet Ports

SoftGate Minimum Software Requirements

  • Ubuntu 18.04

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the SoftGate cost?

A: Nothing.  SoftGate is available for evaluation and production use for traffic levels up to 1 Gbps


Q: How do I get support for SoftGate?

A: Netris provides free support 24/7 via our Slack channel: SLACK CHANNEL


Q: Can I upgrade SoftGate to SoftGate Pro for additional performance levels?

A: Yes.  Netris supports in-place upgrades.  Please contact Netris Support via email for upgrade instructions.