In our environment

Try Netris

Cloud Sandbox

The fastest and easiest way

Our Netris Cloud Sandbox is a comprehensive platform where you can load real applications in a live environment to evaluate how Netris automatic NetOps runs your network simply and reliably. The sandbox provides switching fabric, SoftGate routers, Linux servers, a k8s cluster, and upstream ISP Internet connectivity with real-world routable IP addresses. Our step-by-step guide and examples will help you experience Netris and understand if it fits your specific use case.

Using your environment

Try & Use Netris

Netris Controller Cloud

Try in your environment with a cloud-hosted controller.

In case you have supported switches or SoftGate hardware and want to conduct in-house testing. The Netris Controller Cloud is the fastest and easiest way to run Netris in your environment. Your hardware will need an outgoing Internet connection (behind the NAT) to create a secure gRPC (SSL/TLS) socket with the Netris Controller Cloud. It’s free for testing, and you can always move your cloud-hosted controller on-prem anytime in the future.

On-prem controller

Install a Netris controller locally.

Both cloud-based and local Netris controllers provide the same functionality and the same user experience. They run just the same code. It’s a matter of preference to run Netris controller on-prem or in our cloud. It requires average Linux skills to install an on-prem Netris controller following our local controller installation guide. Our community Slack channel is always there for you to get advice both from our team and other users.