Introduction to Netris

Modern applications require modern techniques for managing the physical infrastructure.  Netris provides Automatic NetOps, a simple method for enabling software to request services directly from the network and have those needs satisfied without user interaction.

The Network is Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the de facto API for the data center.  Modern infrastructure should be programmable directly from this API and should dynamically respond to application requirements to satisfy the needs of each deployment.

NetOps the Kubernetes Way

NetOps doesn’t need to be difficult.  Building automation to control legacy vendor devices via CLI is bound to be a lesson in failure.  Instead, Netris provides a programmable network using common open source tools and techniques.

Calico Integration

With Netris, a one-line annotation command triggers Netris to automatically configure both Calico and network switches and routers. Netris monitors the CNI control plane for any changes, and if necessary, automatically updates all affected devices in realtime.